Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Story Ideas for Mobile Story

My first idea is to report on the importance of the Israeli platform in the 2016 election. With the road to the elections beginning, I think it will be important to many voters to hear candidates stance on the issue. By interviewing experts like assistant professor, Eric Zakim, and Executive Director of Gildenhorn Institute for Israel Studies, Paul Scham, I can gauge appropriate expert opinions on how important the Israel platform will be in the coming election.

My second idea is to research the importance of START, the new program at the University of Maryland designed for the study of terrorism and responses to terrorism. With the field of study becoming more widely available at universities, I would like to interview Gary LaFree who is the director of START and Arie Kruglanksi, the assistant director START. Through these two specialists I can gain insight into the program itself and its importance in today's society.

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